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Theatre creation is all about getting together and making stories come to life. Sometimes it's just about exploring a story in embryo. The notes top right were written in a frenzy of certainty but they do provide a basis for a rooted on-stage authenticity - the kind of state children inhabit so effortlessly when they play. It could be argued that the qualities we need in order to act are precisely those we need in life, to create fair and loving relationships and communities. The project of theatre creation, therefore, is to use the stage as a microcosm for the world - a practise ground for moment to moment listening and heartfelt reciprocity. When we act in this way we become more fully human.

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Pop-up Puppet Making

Puppet making at Hackney Arts and West Norwood FEAST. Could be a dragon. Has crazy eyes. This activity was very popular despite the cold, and we were able to utilise a stash of multi-coloured pipe-cleaners. Thanks to everyone who contributed materials, particularly the recycled stuff - we proved that something good can come of coffee cups. It would be great to see some of these puppets perform now!

Pop-up Theatre Making

Thanks to Veryan at Crystal Palace's Transition Town Market for the upcycled materials - we were able to make mini puppet theatres: sophisticated little black-box constructions inspired by Pollocks paper stages from my childhood. Just card, glue, staples, scissors and felt-tip pens. The event was very popular and made several pounds for the market (bottom of Haynes Lane/top of Bedwardine Road, Upper Norwood, London SE19 3AP).

Underwater Kingdom

Working with 'Love to Learn': developing a story about an underwater kingdom, a girl and an octopus. Someone is in danger but the underwater kingdom hosts a multitude of friendly creatures who are willing to help out. So - the shark is a bit impatient and perhaps a little bit aggressive but there are always individuals who are prepared to put him straight. Swordfish, jellyfish and octopi are all featured, along with their trustworthy servants.

Storymaking - workshops

‘Storymaking’ was a series of drama workshops, operating on the cusp between Applied Theatre and live art, aimed at children aged 6-11 in Upper Norwood Library over a period of five weeks. The sessions started with an invitation to make visual art - in the first instance, finger puppets and, while doing so, tell each other stories. So, while Ben made Oscar the Ogre, he told us about his trip in a steam engine up Snowdon in Wales, and Ivan showed a keen interest in engines too - and so the drama begins. Over the next few weeks a steam train was made and a story emerged: it was a dragon that had set fire to the tracks that caused the train to stop in the middle of the night and forced all the passengers to get out in the darkness. Juice and cake were served at the hatch.

Story Den - workshop

The ‘Story Den’ project was a site-specific event at the Transition Town market at Crystal Palace. Young people were invited to build a den between two of the stalls out a range of materials: fabric, pegs, bags of rice and string. With the help of some cushions, a cosy den was made, perfect for gathering in to tell spooky stories for Halloween.

‘Wild Swans’

A devised play based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Elise looks after her older brother Carl who is incapacitated, while her friend Iris tries hard to persuade her to reclaim her independence. We see the three of them in a state of stasis; the sister consumed by guilt; the brother in his own world; the friend anxious to challenge the co-dependency of their relationship. A play about love, isolation, trauma and how we deal with it.

Wild Swans
Wild Swans

‘The Tempest’

A two-man adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ - swapping roles and costumes - playing in the space - an element of surprise and improvisation - variety in character interpretation - spare in terms of set and props - a sense of the whole play having been dragged from the wardrobe of some parents - focussing on spontaneity and interplay - celebratory - songs, music - acoustic guitar - original arrangements - jerky, moody and unpredictable.

The Tempest Poster
The Tempest Poster

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